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Holiday Rental Booking

Property Summary
Family Deluxe Room in Tranquil Khao Lak Resort
[HOL3552] A tropical four-star resort on Khao Lak Beach.
Khao Lak, Phang Nga | Rental - Holiday | From THB 2,100 per night
Dates, Availability, and Pricing

How is my total rental calculated?

Rental rates vary by season and duration-of-stay. Consequently, it is necessary to look at each night of your stay and determine the applicable rate for that night.

For example, consider a 10-night stay, comprised of 4 nights in summer season and 6 nights in high season.

Since the stay is more than a week, the weekly rate will apply for all the nights of your stay. For each night, we determine the applicable season, consult the weekly rate for that season, divide that weekly rate by 7 to get a nightly rate, and add that amount to a running total.

In our example, the first 4 nights will use the summer season weekly rate (divided by 7), the last six nights will use the high-season weekly rate (divided by 7).

For a property that does not specify weekly or monthly rates, the daily rate for the applicable season is applied for each night of the stay.

Booking Information
Callback Request

new  If you still require more information regarding the property, location, local amenities, services, or any other aspect of this rental property, then please request a CALL BACK by providing the additional information below. We will be happy to call you back and answer your questions.

Please note that Thailand's timezone is GMT+7.
Alternate Requirements

In the unlikely case that your selected property is unavailable, please specify a few preferences below that will allow us to come up with alternative suggestions. Please note all property is within easy reach of beaches, golf courses, boating, shopping, restaurants, internet cafes, hospitals and outdoor activities.

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To select multiple locations, push/hold the control button while you click your selection.

Agree and Submit

Make a booking request and reserve your dates NOW. There is no risk!

Do I have to pay now?
No, no payment is due until after you receive a booking confirmation.
Am I committed in any way?
No, not until you make first payment.
How long after receipt of booking confirmation, do I have to pay?
After booking confirmation you have 7 days in which to pay.
How much do I need to pay?
A minimum of 50% of total cost, however you can pay total amount to avoid extra bank fees.
Is security deposit refundable?
Security deposit is refundable in full provided no bills outstanding or damage to property see terms and conditions.
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