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Relocation Info


Welcome to Thailand


Siam Real Estate & Siam Villa Rentals would like to welcome you to Thailand. We hope you and your family will really enjoy this wonderful opportunity to experience life in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Whether you are moving here for retirement, spending time or working there are many challenges living as an expatriate, and Thailand is no exception.


This information is concise and briefly covers the current issues you may face and need to know about living here. It is a good guideline and is recommended for use as a quick reference only. Besides our property services we offer orientation and assistance services for many of the subjects in this attached document.



Please send us email request for price list and Relocation Questionnaire form (prior to arrival).


Relocation Information


Thailand Overview

Our Services

Our Services

1. Climate

11. Property Service

21. VAT Register

2. Time

12. Orientation

22. Tax Services

3. The Culture

13. Lease provision

23. Registered Office

4. Language

14. Land Office Registration

24. Business Licences

5. Religion

15. Visas

25. Driving License

6. Public Holidays 2013

16. Work permits

26. Pets

7. Thai Smile

17. Bank set up

27. Maid Service

8. Thai Etiquette

18. Company formation

28. Valuations

9. Driving in Thailand

19. Social Security registration

29. Healthcare

10. Tipping

20. Local lawyer

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